Patterson PK Land Partnership, LTD.
Approved Surveyors

A lessee must obtain at their sole expense a new survey of their lot and its improvements showing no prohibited boundary line or FERC encroachments prior to their purchase from PPKLP. However, The BRA Divestiture Survey has been completed. Your resale survey must use the same 1000 ft. contour and FERC buffer lines established by the new BRA Divestiture Sruvey. The 1000 ft. contour line (your waterfront boundary) and other considerations may have changed.

Below is the PPKLP approved surveyor. PPKLP accepts no liability or responsibility for the work performed.

PPKLP Preferred Surveyor:

JN Services, LLC

Attn: Neal Smith, President
P.O Box 278
Weatherford, Texas 76087

For more information, please contact:
Jarod Cox
Patterson PK Land Partnership, LTD.
Project Manager
2310 Interstate 20 West
Suite 100
Arlington, Texas 76017
817.784.2065 | 800.800.9975


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