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Northstar Bank of Texas
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NORTHSTAR BANK OF TEXAS is a PREFERRED LENDER for Possum Kingdom property owners. Take advantage of an additional 15% savings by financing your purchase with NORTHSTAR BANK. Leaseholder may elect to close "contemporaneously" with PPKLP's purchase from the Brazos River Authority at a sales price equal to 85% of the 2008 assessed land only value. IF PURCHASE FUNDS COME FROM LOAN PROCEEDS FROM A PREFERRED LENDER.

NORTHSTAR is aligned with these unique opportunities for loan options to Possum Kingdom Lake. With officers and directors as lease holders at PK, we understand what is needed, and have dedicated our experienced real estate lenders to this project. These mortgage experts have over 41 years of experience, and are supported by a strong, professional staff, ready to help you take advantage of this one time offer.

NORTHSTAR, with headquarters in Denton, TX, is in close proximity so we can come to you! We are the largest locally owned bank in Denton County and one of the largest in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, with assets approaching $800 million.

Contact NORTHSTAR BANK OF TEXAS for your lending options TODAY, or visit us at In today’s challenging economic times, you need a bank you can depend on and trust to navigate these unique times when opportunity comes calling!


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