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FERC Curative Work Contractors

All PK BRA Lessees,

On or before July 15th the BRA will be sending out notices regarding FERC encroachments. If you have a FERC encroachment that is not "grandfathered" (existed before May 15, 1980) or otherwise BRA approved in lieu of removing the encroachment you may obtain a bid to later remove the encroachment in the event the FERC license is not terminated or a BRA application for the encroachment to remain is denied by FERC by escrowing 150% of the cost of removal with the title company you have selected to close your purchase transaction.

The bid must come from an independent 3rd party and be acceptable to PPKLP. We only ask that the FERC Curative Work Contractor providing the bid is knowledgeable about the matter that needs to be cured and you are comfortable with the bid and the contractor.

We will be starting a list of contractors that want to be considered for your FERC encroachment mitigation. This list will be for your convenience and consideration and is not an endorsement or guaranty of their work.

FERC Curative Work Contractors:

Bob Koncak Construction
Attn: Bob Koncak
940.779.3113 work
940.328.5406 cell
1221 McGinnis Point Road
Graford, TX 76449

Gary Grossman Architect and Construction, Inc.
817.473.9168 work
817.228.3114 cell
600 Strada Circle
Mansfield, Texas 76063

Steven J Moore Construction
940.549.4134 work
940.550.4415 cell
Graham, Texas
Prefer West Side

One Man Crew
Attn: Les Williams
817.304.2331 work

Regie Judd Construction
940.521.2064 cell
13931 FM 1287
Graham, Texas 76450

Greco Services
940.549.2415 cell
P.O. Box 899
Graham, Texas 76450

RMI Construction
940.383.3939 RMI Office
940.779.3800 PK Docks Office

ADC, Inc.
dba. Anderson Fine Homes and Mark G Anderson Homes
Mark Anderson

Custom Stone Work
300 N Hwy 2353
Graford, Tx 76449
940.779.3700 office
940.779.2474 fax
Your local masonry company at PK for over 25 years!

Huston Milligan
602 Clover Lane
Graford, Texas 76449
940.452.2035 phone

H&S Custom Stone
1815 SE 20th Street
Mineral Wells, TX 76067
Tino Diaz 940.445.0390
Martin Hernandez 940.452.1125
Specializing in Concrete and Natural Stone Work

S & F Metro Home Improvement
120 W. Spring St.
Weatherford, Texas 76086

Zoe Construction
Michael Elliott

For more information or to become an approved FERC Curative Work Contractor, please contact:
Jarod Cox
Patterson PK Land Partnership, LTD.
Project Manager
2310 Interstate 20 West
Suite 100
Arlington, Texas 76017
817.784.2065 | 800.800.9975


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